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TMFSL Playoff Format

The 2022 TMFSL Playoffs will be based upon the following criteria and structure :

  • All TMFSL teams are eligible for playoff participation with the following exception : If a team defaults more than two games without at least 48 hours notice to the opposing Captain during the season, it is ineligible to participate in the playoffs.

  • Playoff format will depend upon the number of teams eligible for playoff action after the completion of all regular season games after taking into account the two items above.

  • Each normal playoff round is best 2 out of 3 games format, with game 3 being played only if required. For all rounds, rankings are based on Adjusted Final Regular Season Standings.

  • A team may have multiple games scheduled in a week, including the possibility of double headers. Game date, time, and locations are subject to change with little notice due to permit availability, game delays, or other unforeseen circumstances. Game delays will only be made at the discretion of the league.

  • To be eligible to participate in the playoffs, each player must have played in at least six (6) regular season games.

  • Teams may request (only at the Captain's discretion) photo ID from any player on the opposing team at any time up to one (1) hour before a game; during game play; or, up to one (1) hour after a game. If a player is unable to produce photo ID before the game begins, it is the discretion of the requesting team whether or not that player is eligible to participate. If a player is unable to produce photo ID either during or after the game, his/her team will lose by forfeit.

  • Umpires will be used for all playoff games and will enforce all league rules. No jewelry is allowed to be worn (rings, watches, earrings, etc). No profanity is allowed during games and may result in ejection.