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League News
  • Quarter Final Schedule   ~ 8/10/2017 ~

    The TMFSL 2017 Quarter Final schedule is now available online with some fantastic matchups ahead.

    Best of luck to all.

  • 2017 Qualifier Round Schedule Posted   ~ 7/28/2017 ~

    The Qualifier Round schedule for the 2017 Playoffs is now posted in the Playoffs section of the website (Excel format).

    The Qualifier Round, introduced in 2015, ensures that all teams are able to participate in Playoff action with a chance to advance to the Best-of-3 Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Championship Finals for each Division.

    The Qualifier Round is a 2-Game, Total-Run series - with the top 2 teams in each Division getting a BYE to the Quarter Finals.

    All Qualifier Round games should be played to their entirety, including bottom of 7th even if the Home Team is ahead. Good luck to all!

  • 2017 Regular Season Closes   ~ 7/27/2017 ~

    The 2017 TMFSL Regular Season has drawn to a close with the completion of our final games. Rivalries, new and old, were put to the test through a schedule that spanned 168 games and three summer months.

    The Regular Season standings have been adjusted to account for Tiebreakers heading into the Championship Playoffs; and, for the first time in TMFSL history, all teams qualifying for the Playoffs beginning with a Qualifier Round.

    Top two (2) teams in each Division (PFS Titans and Hire Selection in Division A; Invesco and Mackenzie Rogues in Division B) earn a BYE to the Quarter Finals.

    We look forward to the continuation of the season through an exciting post-season of renewed battles on the diamond.

  • Free Agent Deadline Extended - June 23 Midnight   ~ 6/13/2017 ~

    The 2017 Free Agent Deadline has been extended through midnight on Friday, June 23rd.  After this time, rosters will be frozen for the remainder of the season with no additions/substitutions/deletions.

    Please keep in mind that players must play and receive credit for a minimum of six (6) Regular Season games in order to be eligible for the Playoffs.

  • Opening Day Games Rescheduled Due to Rain   ~ 5/1/2017 ~

    All Opening Day games will be rescheduled due to rain. City of Toronto diamonds have been officially closed.

    Captains are asked to contact Marcia ( to reschedule games.

  • Opening Day   ~ 5/1/2017 ~

    The TMFSL Regular Season will kick off on Monday, May1st, 2017 with a full slate of games:

    Cobra Kai vs Expos (7pm - Coronation Park #2)
    Hydro Watts vs Scotia Sluggers (9pm - Coronation Park #1)
    B2B Bank Bombers vs Rock N Horse (9pm - Coronation Park #2)
    Hire Selection vs FTI Benjamins (9pm - Coronation Park #3)

    The Regular Season will include 12 games per team through the first week of August.

    Players must be registered with a valid TMFSL ID# to participate in any game and must play in at least six (6) Regular Season games in order to be eligible for the Playoffs.

  • July 3rd Games Rescheduled   ~ 4/27/2017 ~

    Please note that all games previously scheduled for Monday, July 3rd have now been rescheduled. Please consult the TMFSL Regular Season schedule for up-to-date game information.

  • Regular Season Schedule & Opening Day   ~ 4/25/2017 ~

    The TMFSL's 2017 Regular Season schedule is now available in the Schedule section of the league website.

    Opening Day is set for Monday, May 1st with a full schedule of games.

    Please remember that all players must be registered online and listed on a team's roster with a valid TMFSL ID# before being able to participate in any game.

  • Player Registrations Open   ~ 4/11/2017 ~

    Player Registrations have opened for the 2017 TMFSL softball season. Captains and Assistants have been emailed instructions on how to register players.

    All players MUST be registered and have a valid TMFSL ID# in order to play in any game. Players must play and receive credit for six (6) Regular Season games in order to qualify for the Playoffs.

  • Team Registrations Full   ~ 3/31/2017 ~

    The TMFSL is excited to announce that all 28 teams have now been allocated for the 2017 season.

    Confirmed teams who do not submit payment by April 6th, 2017 will risk losing their confirmed status to a team on the Waiting List.

  • Captain's Meeting - April 6th - 6:00pm (MANDATORY)   ~ 3/31/2017 ~

    The 2017 TMFSL Captain's (and Assistant's) Meeting has been set:

    Thursday, April 6th > 6:00pm
    Brazen Head Irish Pub (3rd Floor)
    165 East Liberty Street
    (416) 535-8787

    Complimentary hors d'oeuvres. Cash bar.
    It is imperative that all Captains/Assistants attend this meeting as we'll be reviewing TMFSL Special Operating Rules and discussing logistics for the season - including distribution of game balls and rulebooks.

  • 2017 Team Registrations Open   ~ 2/4/2017 ~

    Team Registrations are now being accepted online for the upcoming 2017 TMFSL softball season (Regular Season begins mid-May). Team Registrations will close on Friday, March 31st, 2017.

    Co-ed teams are accepted on the basis of the following criteria through March 15th, 2017, after which teams are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis dependent upon vacancy:

    The TMFSL will strive to field a minimum of 20 teams and a maximum of 28 teams on an annual basis, dependent upon availability of diamond permits allocated by the City Of Toronto.

    Where more teams are interested than there is space, a Waiting List will be established and the following criteria will determine which team is admitted based on team entries that drop out due to non-payment of fees or other circumstances.

    Team Registrations will be added from the Waiting List in the following order:
    1. Mutual Fund companies operating in Toronto [RENEWAL]
    2. Mutual Fund companies operating in Toronto [NEW]
    3. Mutual Fund companies operating outside of Toronto [RENEWAL]
    4. Mutual Fund companies operating outside of Toronto [NEW]
    5. non-Mutual Fund companies operating within Toronto [RENEWAL]
    6. non-Mutual Fund companies operating within Toronto [NEW]
    7. non-Mutual Fund companies operating outside of Toronto [RENEWAL]
    8. non-Mutual Fund companies operating outside of Toronto [NEW]

    After submitting a Team Registration, you will be contacted by the league to confirm your participation for the coming season.

    We look forward to another exciting year on the diamond in Toronto's leading financial services co-ed softball league!!

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