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League News
  • Permits for Playing Fields   ~ 5/8/2018 ~

    Permits for all playing fields are now available for download in the Captain's Section. Captains/Assistants are strongly encouraged to print and have a physical copy of all permits on hand at each game in case of any dispute with other users.

  • Game Reschedule Notice - B2B Bank vs Turonno   ~ 5/6/2018 ~

    Please note that due to a scheduling conflict, the game between the B2B Bank Bombers vs Turonno has been rescheduled to Thursday, July 26th (6:30pm - MacGregor Park)

  • Team Name Change: Diamond Crushers Now Mortgage Scout Closers   ~ 5/3/2018 ~

    The Diamond Crushers have changed their team name to Mortgage Scout Closers for the 2018 season.

  • Regular Season Schedule   ~ 5/2/2018 ~

    The TMFSL's complete 2018 Regular Season schedule is now available in the Schedule section of the league website.

    Please remember that all players must be registered online and listed on a team's roster with a valid TMFSL ID# before being able to participate in any game.

  • Opening Day 2018   ~ 4/30/2018 ~

    The TMFSL Regular Season kicks off on Monday, April 30th, 2018 with a full slate of games:

    Hire Selection at Turonno (7:00pm - Coronation Park #2)

    State Street Mariners at Air Canada Bandits (8:30pm - McCleary Park #2)

    Hydro Watts at Diamond Crushers (9:00pm - Coronation Park #2)

    Primerica Titans at Mackenzie Rogues (9:00pm - Coronation Park #3)

    The league will honour a 1-minute Moment of Silence prior to each game to honour the memory of Invesco Assistant Captain, Anne Marie D'Amico

    The Regular Season will include 12 games per team through the first week of August.

    Players must be registered with a valid TMFSL ID# to participate in any game and must play in at least six (6) Regular Season games in order to be eligible for the Playoffs.

  • Opening Day 2018 - Moment of Silence for Anne Marie D'Amico   ~ 4/27/2018 ~

    The TMFSL is encouraging all teams playing on Opening Day to line up along the 1st base and 3rd base lines and hold a 1-minute Moment of Silence prior to your game, to honour the memory of Invesco's Assistant Captain, Anne Marie D'Amico

  • TMFSL Special Operating Rules   ~ 4/27/2018 ~

    TMFSL 2018 Special Operating Rules are available on the website in the Rules & Forms section.

    These are not yet updated with 2018-specific changes but will be updated accordingly in the coming week.

    The biggest change to note is that helmets (batting/baserunning/pitching/catching) are recommended by the league in 2018 and will become mandatory in 2019 and beyond.

  • Anne Marie D’Amico - Condolences   ~ 4/24/2018 ~

    Our TMFSL family is deeply saddened at the senseless and tragic loss of Invesco's Assistant Captain, Anne Marie D'Amico.

    Our sincere condolences go out to her family, her teammates, colleagues, and friends.

    We also extend our sympathies to our Invesco family as a whole, along with all others impacted by this unnecessary and unimaginable act of cruelty.

    The league will consult with Invesco to determine any impact to scheduling and will update Captains and Assistants. We ask for your empathy and cooperation as we work together with Invesco to respect and honour the impact of Anne Marie's loss.

  • Player Registrations Open   ~ 4/4/2018 ~

    Player Registrations have opened for the 2018 TMFSL softball season. Captains and Assistants have been emailed instructions on how to register players.

    All players MUST be registered and have a valid TMFSL ID# in order to play in any game. Players must play and receive credit for six (6) Regular Season games in order to qualify for the Playoffs.

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